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Because of that our Forum can by see on whole world, isn't be greate?
It can be already seen over the world... I know, U`re talking about something else - but if U wanna made international forum where ppl over the world could talk about epsxe I have 2 say "that`s not gonna work". Why:
1. Forum like that won`t be any competition 4 already existing, fully english BB like e.g: EmuForum (other words NGEmu#Forum) or EmuFanatics Forum...
2. here is a slice from PSePSXe statistics...
from 10-07-03 to 11-08-03 (that`s 32 days) we had abot 12.374 [in polish -ponad 12 tysięcy-] visitors from 45 countries. 82% from that were from Poland. If U won`t count unknow adresses (visitors that ststistic system couldn`t recognise) another place takes US Commercial Network with 1.05% of total visitors.
I think that it`s verry good reson 4 not making that category on forum.
3. &... what we will talk in this forum about :?:
(...) We'll write there only in English (...)
We`re writing almost only in eng. If anyone want 2 pull up his english & write only in that language I don`t have any objections 2 do what`s more I`ll give some tips:
-> make new thread in Off-Topic category & check that`s only in english [BTW; mods should then delete all post in Polish in that thread]. Personally I haven`t got any objection 4 that.
-> try 2 visit & register on one of the biggest international forums like NGEmu#~ or EF#~ ...~Forum. I`m personally registered on both of them. Check them out, maybe U will like them.

Oh, & one more thing if U really wanna make good conversation in english I can try invite some ppl 2 forum (one of plugin developer should agree without any problems)
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This forum is named "Polskie Forum ePSXe" :P
And remember, the respect is everything }:->
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Bati pisze:This forum is named "Polskie Forum ePSXe" :P
Szczegóły /minor details/ ;-)
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Trzeba byc gietkim.Ale oka w_m.Pod natłokiem argumentow idę się wstydzic;)